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Yoga For Joy - Refreshed

In 2008 I move from the Portland, Oregon Area as the Director of Ananda Portland Yoga to return to Ananda Village in Nevada City, California where my wife started a Goat Dairy.  I became lead Yoga Teacher Training Instructor  at Ananda University and also later that year became certified  from Egoscue University as a Posture Alignment Specialist.

I had completely abandon updating this Website after moving to Nevada City, CA.  Recently I have given the site a new life. Updating all pages, I have added new pictures and made navigation smooth again. It is slow work but It is beginning to have the beauty of the original site in Portland.

My other websites are www.wisdomtoheal.org  www.posture-alignment.com  .

Yoga, healing and posture alignment therapy are my life work. The big change in teaching was I will no longer lead group yoga classes, now I teach only private yoga sessions and Yoga Therapy. 

I hope you enjoy this site, there are certainly more flashy sites but all my sites will always be "Ad free" the purpose to help the spiritual seeker use yoga as the Ancients themselves practiced this art for Divine Self-Realization.


Uddhava (David) Ramsden  March 2015

E-RYT  500