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Eagle Pose

Eagle Pose (also. Twisted Pose)

"At the center of life's storms I stand serene."

Ga-ru-daa-sa-na Garuda = the eagle sacred to Vishnu


From tadasana, shift your weight onto your left foot. Fix your gaze on a stationary point on the floor or on the wall in front of you. Bend your left knee slightly/ bring your right foot in front of your left foot, and wrap your right leg around the left as far as possible, keeping your left leg bent.

Bend your left arm 90 and bring it up in front of you, forearm vertical at the midline of your body. Wrap your right arm underneath and around your left arm, with the inside of your right elbow under your left elbow, palms together. Keep your chest lifted, pelvis facing forward.

Breathe smoothly and naturally as you hold the pose and affirm mentally, "At the center of life's storms I stand serene."

To exit, release your arms, then inhale and spread your arms wide to the sides. On the exhalation, release your right leg and return to tadasana.

Pause to integrate the effects of the pose, then repeat to the other side.